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Staying warm never felt so good!

TZÜK specializes in handmade knits made of the softest premium merino and designed to keep you exceptionally warm in even the coldest weather,

Tested in Eastern Canada, where winters are particularly fierce, TZÜK knits let you embrace the outdoors no matter what the temperature outside.

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Entirely handcrafted

TZÜK knits are made using traditional artisan methods : just two hands, yarn, and needles.

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Incredible Warmth

Made with premium merino wool, TZÜK products are incredibly warm and exceptionally soft to the touch.

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Trendy Looks

Premium wool and modern designs guarantee high-quality items that plenty of compliments.

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Our customers couldn’t be happier with their TZÜK knitwear!
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Great Hat

I love my new hat! It's so soft and squishy, and it fits me just right. Thanks! - F. Edgerton-Raymond
I couldn't live without my TZUK